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Dear Klazzy Kre8tions Customers & Followers,

People often describe me as Dramatic. I mean I worked at Disney World, was on the Debate and Forensics team and my family will appeared on Family Feud in February 2018. So with that being said, when deciding to re-introduce T-shirts to the Klazzy Kre8tions line, I wanted to do  something Dramatic.

We offered Greek T-Shirts when the company first launched in 2009, but after washing shirts one time the designs were gone. I decided to wait until I could afford the proper equipment to produce the quality of shirts I could be proud of. Nine years later I launched my CAPSLOCK brand of shirts.

People usually use CAPSLOCK when they want to place emphasis on something. People are always telling me I am always saying something crazy, trendy, or catchy! I decided to place emphasis on some of those sayings. I wanted to have some funny sayings, some serious ones, religious sayings, and strong statements of support for various causes or beliefs. 

Here's a gallery of some of the shirts that have been created. This album will be updated periodically with new designs. If you would like to speak to us about customizing shirts for you, you can call, email, or reach out to us on Facebook.

Shanese Shields
Klazzy Kre8tions President